Princesses And Superheros



Choose from your favourite Princesses:






Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Tinker Bell

Ice Queen Elsa

Ice Princess Anna





 Choose from your favourite Superhero: 





Captain America

Red Power Ranger

Jedi Knight


Wonder Woman


Black Panther.

The Perfect Princess Party Includes...

Ideal for 15-20 Children

Royal Entrance- Your daughter’s favourite Fairytale Princess will greet the children and give a special hello to the birthday girl. The Princess will introduce herself and ask

all of the little Princesses and Princes to introduce themselves to her as well.

Fairytale Story Time- The Princess will gather all the children around her and tell her fairytale story in a fun and interactive way

Royal Ball- The Princess will invite all the girls and boys to sing and dance with her to her favourite songs.

Perfect Princess Make-up- All the girls will get to look like their favourite princess. For boys the Princess will bring superhero or pirate tattoos.

Perfect Party Games- There will be two games with two prizes; the games are suitable for children of all ages. The winners of the games will get to choose prizes from

the Princess’s royal treasure box. She has wonderful prizes for both girls and boys.

Special Surprise for Everyone- All the Princesses and Princes will get an autographed picture of the Princess and a sticker. For the boys we have superhero stickers and pictures.

Royal Coronation- Now that your little girl looks like her favourite princess she will be crowned as a princess. She will be presented with a tiara and given a royal scroll


Royal Portraits-The Princess is now ready to pose with all the little Princesses and Princes.

Happy Birthday!-It’s time to gather everyone around the birthday girl and sing Happy Birthday. The Princess will also sing Happy Birthday with the cake if requested to do so.

Royal Farewell- The Princess has to return to her Prince and the castle. She will give everyone a hug and a special goodbye for the birthday girl.

The Perfect Superhero party includes...

Ideal for 15-20 Children

Grand Entrance - The Superhero will arrive and make a grand entrance! He/She will greet the birthday child and make a big fuss over him/her throughout the party; it is his/her one special day in the year! He/she will utilize the equipment if any during his party.

Superhero Origins- He/She will tell his/her story with help from the children and then he/she will show his/her awesome moves. Then the birthday boy gets to show his super moves. All the children get to show their moves later on.

Superhero Games – It’s time for superhero games. The super will play 2 games plus arm wrestle and play tug-of-war, 

Superhero tattoos - Everyone gets a tatoo of their favourite superhero

Sign autographs - Everyone will get an autographed picture of the superhero to bring home

Present Time-Present the birthday boy with a gift

Superhero Oath- They all recite the oath together

Pose for Pictures - All the kids get to show their moves and pose for pictures with the


Happy Birthday - with the cake (skip if not having for cake at this time)

Farewell- A villain has been spotted in Toronto and the Superhero has to go fight crime - Says his/her farewell and is off.

Contact Dinoland for availability and pricing

Bookings of Princesses and Superheros are subject to availability.  Book early to avoid disappointment.  

Book your Princess or Superhero at our place or yours!  Extra travel may apply depending on your location.

A $50 deposit will be required to secure your Princess or Superhero.